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Halifax Cricket League Rules

  1. That this combination of clubs shall be titled the Halifax Cricket League (League)
  2. The object of the League shall be to promote the best interests of the game of cricket.
  3. The League shall be open to all irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, colour, social status and sexual orientation.
  4. Each season the League shall consist of the clubs elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  5. The First & Second XI competitions shall be divided into three divisions as per Rule L6(a). All clubs shall enter a First XI with an option to enter the Second XI competition. Clubs that only enter a First XI shall only compete in the lowest division and cannot gain promotion to a higher division.
  6. The Financial Year shall be from 1 October to 30 September.
  7. The income and property of the League shall be used solely towards the promotion of its objectives as set forth in these Rules and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, to members of the League.
  8. If upon the winding up or dissolution of the League there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever it shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members of the League but given or transferred to (a) charitable organisation(s). Such organisation(s) shall have objectives similar to those of the League which prohibit the distribution of its income and property amongst its members to an extent at least as great as imposed on the League under or by virtue of Rule L1(g) hereof. Nominated organisation(s) shall be determined by the members of the League, at or before the time of dissolution, and in so far effect cannot be given to such provisions then it shall be allocated to other charitable objectives.
  1. A League Council (Council)shall be formed consisting of one representative from each of the member clubs and the Honorary Vice Presidents. In addition shall be persons elected to the following positions at the AGM: President, Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Registrations Secretary, Results Secretary, Sunday League Secretary, Advertising & Sponsorship Officer, Development Officer, Disciplinary Officer, Events Officer, Grounds Officer, Player Liason Officer, PR & Media Officer, Representative Teams Fixtures Officer, Website Officer, Welfare Officer, and a representative from the League’s Association of Cricket Officials (HXACO). Also included shall be the elected representatives from the Junior League (JL) and Calderdale Cricket Development Group (CCDG), together with an Historian. An Independent Voting Examiner shall be appointed for the purposes of Rule L14 and any other relevant matter.
  2. A League Executive (Executive)shall be formed comprising of all positions listed in the second sentence of Rule L2(a). From time to time any posts may be combined. Any other person may be co-opted to fulfil a designated position or duty.
  3. During a calendar year the full Executive shall meet on four occasions plus at any other time it is deemed necessary. It shall also meet on a further four occasions but, to facilitate an effective use of time, it shall be divided into four separate Department Groups (Group) under the designations League, Administration, Finance and Development. The four Group heads, together with any other designated member(s) determined annually, shall form a Management Board (Board) that shall be responsible for co-ordinating, acting upon and, in some cases, confirming decisions of the Groups. A separate Rules Sub-Committee shall be formed consisting of a maximum of six Executive members, of which at least one shall be a representative of the SL, to consider all aspects of the Rules. It shall meet on an ad-hoc basis ensuring that all conditions of Rule L14 are met.
  4. The Executive shall have the power to deal with any urgent matters delegated by the Council, including any matters not covered by specific Rules, and impose any decision or penalty considered necessary which shall be final and binding on all parties. (e) The Executive shall have the power to inspect the grounds of all clubs in the League and report upon their fitness or otherwise to the Council. Any recommendation, action or penalty decided upon by the Council as a result of ground report findings shall be final and binding on all parties.
  1. All meetings shall be held at the Headquarters of the League unless the Executive determine otherwise, except for those of the CCDG {see Rule L3(i)}.
  2. The AGM shall be held in the month of November. Notice of the meeting together with an agenda shall be circulated to all clubs and officers no later than 14 days prior to the meeting.
  3. The Council shall meet in February, April, July & October and at other times as the business of the League may require.
  4. To form a quorum for any Council Meeting a minimum of one-third of club representatives shall be present and, in the case of all other meetings, it shall be one-third of the persons entitled to vote.
  5. At all Council, AGM or any Special General Meeting (SGM) clubs shall have one representative who shall be entitled to vote {See Rule L3(f)}. (f) At the meetings detailed above all attendees listed shall be entitled to take part in discussions. All references to ‘Chairman’ shall also apply to any appointed deputy. Voting rights at such meetings shall be as follows:
    1. AGM, SGM and Council Meetings: HCL club representatives and the HXACO representative shall each have one vote with the Chairman having a casting vote only. Other than the Chairman’s casting vote, the President, Honorary Vice-Presidents and Officers shall have no vote.
    2. Executive, Group and Board meetings: all members shall each have one vote with the meeting chairman also having an additional casting vote.
  6. At all meetings votes shall be given personally and not by proxy and, unless a ballot is demanded by any member present or the Executive has deemed a vote to be electronic, shall be indicated by a show of hands. Except, as otherwise provided in these Rules, the result of the voting shall be determined by a majority of the votes cast. Where voting is electronic then a breakdown of votes submitted by each club shall be published on the League website.
  7. During any calendar year, commencing 1 January, a club not represented at a Council Meeting shall be fined £10.00 for its first absence and £20.00 for any second transgression. For any subsequent absence, in addition to the £20.00 fine, a further sanction of the deduction of five points shall be made from all its open-age teams. Should the latter occur after the end of the season the deduction of points shall be carried forward to the following season. All fines must be paid to the Treasurer prior to the commencement of the following Meeting. Any fines not paid by that date shall be doubled.
  8. During the period from 1 January to 31 December four CCDG meetings shall be held on the third Wednesday in the months of January (including AGM), April, July and October. The venue, time and agenda will be available on the CCDG Website. Failure to attend meetings shall result in the following fines: two - £6.00, three - £12.00, or four - £18.00. Fines shall be payable to the CCDG Treasurer, notice of which shall be issued following the October meeting and must be paid by no later than 31 December. Any fine unpaid by this date shall be doubled and must be paid by the January meeting. Any fine remaining unpaid after this date shall be referred to the Board under Rule L2(d). Please refer to Rule L14(a) regarding any alterations to this Rule.
  1. All clubsshall abide by the following England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) publications:
    1. Code of Conduct [incorporating the Spirit of Cricket],
    2. Guidance for Umpires {ground,weather & light},
    3. Misuse of Social Media Policy,
    4. Use of Non-English Language Policy,
    5. Guidance on the Wearing of Cricket Helmets & Fielding Regulations [minimum distance where a hard ball is used],
    6. Guidelines for Junior Players inOpen-Age Cricket [including fast bowling directives] &
    7. the Safe Hands Policy – welfare of young people in cricket. A club telephone contact number, either landline, mobile or both, shall be advised each season for insertion in the Yearbook club directory, the details for use in any emergency on match days.
  2. Subscriptions shall be established or varied at the AGM, or an SGM, with each club currently paying one of the following annual fees:
    1. £185.00 (Saturday & Sunday Leagues)
    2. £150.00 (Saturday League only - two teams)
    3. £135.00 (Saturday League only - one team)
    4. £ 50.00 (Sunday League only)
  3. The fees shall include Yorkshire Cricket Board (YCB) affiliation fees, Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG)subscription and the purchase of ten League Yearbooks for i) & ii) and five Yearbooks for iii) & iv) above. Subscriptions must be paid at or before the February Council Meeting and defaulting clubs shall be fined £5.00 for the first week and £1.00 per day thereafter. Any club requiring more than their allocation of Yearbooks must order the additional number required at the February Council Meeting. An invoice, at cost, will be issued at the April Council Meeting.
  4. Each club shall contribute equally any additional sums as may be required by the Treasurer to manage the finances of the League. Any such sum shall be agreed at an SGM.
  5. All clubs shall take out public liability insurance with a minimum indemnity cover as required by the ECB. Each season a copy of the relevant cover note, or appropriate policy documentation, shall be sent to the Treasurer to be received by no later than the second Saturday in April. For clubs with a policy renewal date during the season the relevant documentation shall be received at least one week before the expiry date of the current policy. Failure to comply with this Rule shall result in a fine of £5.00 for each day beyond which the appropriate information is outstanding, culminating in the suspension of the club concerned if the copy is not received. Should any club fail to meet the requirements of this Rule no liability shall be incurred by the League, the Executive or any Officer of the League.
  6. Each club shall be required to purchase a minimum of two tickets for any event organised by the Executive, e.g. the Annual Dinner.
  7. Any club wishing to join the League must contact the Secretary for an application pack, who shall also provide any further information required plus all relevant forms to complete.
  8. Any written applications to join the League must be accompanied by a completed form of Information and League Ground Report (LGR). Applying clubs shall be required to reach an adequate category in all areas, with a least two categories classified as good by the nominated members of the Executive, who shall undertake an onsite inspection and complete the LGR before the February Council Meeting. A copy of the club’s constitution and its three most recent sets of annual accounts must also accompany the application. At the above meeting, in the year before the season it intends to join the League, up to three officials of the club shall make a verbal presentation. All relevant information and documentation shall be made available at this meeting and any League club, if it wishes, shall be given the opportunity to ask questions of the club’s representatives. The final decision on admission shall be by a electronic vote with the results being announced at the April Council Meeting and ratified at the following November AGM. Any club not required to provide one year’s notice to its current league may apply for admission, enclosing all documentation, before 30 June. Their application shall be considered, in the manner outlined above, at the AGM for admission for the next season.
  9. Any new club accepted to play in the League shall pay an entrance fee, currently £50.00, which may be varied at any AGM. Payment of the entrance fee shall be made at the February Council Meeting in a club’s inaugural season.
  10. A club applying to join the HCL, including any club voluntarily resigning from the YCB Pyramid System – West (PSW), as per Rules L4(f) and L4(g) shall join the lowest divisions of both the First and Second XI’s existing at that time. The only exception shall be in the case of a former HCL club relegated from the PSW, and in such circumstances both its First and Second XI’s shall be restored to the division in which they were playing in the year of leaving. Any club returning to the League from the PSW by regulation is exempt from paying the joining fee shown in Rule L4(h).
  11. When considering accepting any PSW promotion offer, a club shall ensure it is aware of the promotion and relegation criteria set out both in these Rules and those of the PSW.
  12. A club accepting a promotion offer from the PSW shall be aware that it if returns to the HCL through voluntary application, or relegation, then that return must be at the amateur status described in Rules L5
  13. and L5(b).
  14. Any club resigning from the League shall inform the Secretary, in writing, by no later than 30 September to enable it to leave the League prior to the commencement of the following season. No club shall negotiate with another league with the intention of considering joining that league without first obtaining permission, in writing, from the Secretary and permission shall be refused if the club has failed to fulfil its financial obligations or has failed to observe the Rules of the League in respect of withdrawal of membership. If the League does not provide the necessary written permission within 14 days then the club shall have the right of appeal to the YCB Council. Permission to negotiate shall not be interpreted as resignation or dismissal but should the date of 30 September, that by which resignations are due to be received, pass without further written notification of action from the club then the above written permission is deemed spent.
  1. Each club shall field only bona-fide amateur players registered with the League in accordance with this Rule.
  2. An ‘amateur registered player’ (player) shall be defined as one who does not receive any money or gift as an inducement to play for or perform at a club. Any club found to have paid a player, or provided a gift, to play for or perform shall be expelled from the League. Any player found to have received a payment or gift in return for joining, staying or performing at a club shall be expelled from the League.
  3. Players may receive consolidated expenses for umpiring in any match organized by the League, commensurate with the umpire’s rate(s)shown in Rule L11(d). They may also receive payment commensurate with his/her club’s rates for the following duties, as these will not be interpreted as an inducement to play:
    1. scorer
    2. ground maintenance worker
    3. bar person, provided it is not funded by their club or
    4. honorary member.
  4. Players who are employed in a related business may be reimbursed for carrying out work at their clubs. If requested by the Board an invoice for such work must be provided for verification and any payment of these invoices shall not be regarded as an inducement to play.
  5. Players may be reimbursed by their clubs for any course fees for
    1. recognised coaching,
    2. first aid,
    3. child protection or
    4. club development.
    These fees shall not be regarded as an inducement to play.
  6. A club and/or its sponsor(s) may provide cricket clothing once a season to the value of £100.00 per player and this shall not be regarded as an inducement to play. Similarly, should a club reach a cup final or commemorative event, additional clothing may be provided by the club and/or its sponsor(s).
  7. No overseas player shall be eligible for registration or play for any member club unless they can fulfil either of the following criteria:
    1. the person concerned shall physically have been a resident in the United Kingdom for a continuous minimum period of twelve months (without an interruption of no more than two months) immediately prior to the League season for which they wish to register; or
    2. the person has (a valid Visa for) the right of permanent residency in the United Kingdom. Documentation attesting to the above shall be provided to the Registration Secretary before the player is registered. The onus is solely on the club to provide this proof. The Executive shall have the right to interview any overseas applicant wishing to play in the League.
    1. Each club shall send to the Registration Secretary a list of its new players with full names, dates of birth, addresses and contact numbers(and any Transfer Forms if applicable) to be registered with the League 48 hours before the first match of the season. Additionally, players may be registered during the course of the season but must not play in any League match until the following time periods have elapsed after registration 1) First XI player – 48 hours or 2) Second XI player – 24 hours.
    2. Any junior player registered with a club at the end of the previous season, shall automatically be registered with that club at the commencement of the following season unless a completed transfer form has been received by the Halifax Junior Cricket League prior to that date. Before consideration is given by a club to playing any player under 14 years of age at senior cricket level it must refer to JCL Rules J5(e) & (f) for guidance. Players meeting the criteria set within those Rules must have a League Clearance Form (LCF) signed by the parents or guardians and a qualified coach of ECB Level II or above. A copy of this form must be sent to reach the Registration Secretary 48 hours before he/she plays and a copy shall also be presented to the umpires with an ECB Team Sheet (ECBTS) before every game in which the junior plays as per Rule L8(e)
    3. Each season the Secretary shall issue a Self-Declaration Form (SDF). At the April Council Meeting each club shall provide a copy of this form, signed by its current chairman, treasurer and First XI captain, which shall indicate which players are to be reimbursed for carrying out club duties, as shown in Rule L5(c), parts (ii), (iii) & (iv). The SDF should also confirm that none of its registered players shall receive pay or gifts to play, to stay or to perform at the club.
  8. All clubs shall notify the Registration Secretary each year, by no later than the April Council Meeting, of any of its playing members who are in financial arrears from the preceding season.
  9. Any player who has ceased to be remunerated for playing cricket, on or before 31 December of the previous year, may play as an amateur in the League, provided that all provisions of the remainder of Rule L5 are met.
  10. All registrations for the transfer of players shall be conducted in accordance with the current YCB regulations. For all transfers the Registration Secretary shall check that the player has fulfilled all financial obligations to his/her previous club and, should this not be the case, the transfer shall be refused. No player shall play for a club fielding a Saturday team in another League unless the transfer procedure is completed.
  11. Any team playing an ineligible player, under any part of these Rules, shall forfeit the match and the maximum points available on the day in its division shall be awarded to its opponents.
  12. During the season between the first to the last scheduled dates of matches no League club shall approach or negotiate with any player of any other League club, verbally or in writing, with the intention of securing their services.
  13. Any player selected for a League XI in any inter-league competition, and not taking up the invitation, cannot play for his/her club on the day of the match without the consent of the Executive unless it is a semi-final or final of the Parish Cup or Crossley Shield competitions.
  1. There shall be independent First & Second XI competitions with teams in both cases divided into three Divisions - Premier, First & Second - with each team in a division playing an equal number of matches.
  2. The fixture list for the season shall be organised as soon as possible after the AGM and distributed by the Fixture Secretary by no later than 31 March.
  3. Matches shall usually commence on the third week in April and be played every Saturday plus Sundays and Bank Holidays as determined. All matches shall be played on the dates arranged and the final fixtures of the season shall be no later than the last weekend in September.
  4. Points for match results shall be awarded as follows:
    1. Outright win - where a team scores more runs than the opposition and bowls it out - 12 points awarded. Bonus points do not apply.
    2. Scoring most runs where a team fails to bowl out the opposition – 6 points awarded plus bonus points.
    3. Tied matches - where both teams have scored, the same number of runs irrespective of the number of wickets to fall – 3 points awarded to each team plus bonus points
    4. Abandoned matches with no play – where a match has been abandoned due to inclement weather with no play possible - 2 points awarded to both teams.
    5. Abandoned matches but play commenced – where a match has been abandoned due to inclement weather after play has commenced - 2 points awarded to both teams, plus bonus points accrued at the time of abandonment.
      Note: an innings declared by the team batting first does not grant the bowling team maximum bonus points unless it subsequently wins the match.
    Bonus Points Calculation Tables Batting 100-139 runs scored – 1 bonus point 140-179 runs scored – 2 bonus points 180 runs & over scored – 3 bonus points (maximum) Irrespective of the actual score maximum bonus points shall be awarded to the team batting second should it beat its opponents score. Bowling Four to six wickets taken – 1 bonus point Seven to nine wickets taken – 2 bonus points All out (including where teams do not bat eleven players) – 3 bonus points (maximum)
  5. At the close of each season the bottom two teams in each of the Premier & First Divisions shall be relegated to the First and Second Division srespectively. The top two teamsin each of the First and Second Divisions shall be promoted to the Premier & First Divisionsrespectively. The bottom two clubs in the First XI Second Division shall, if they so desire, apply for re-admission to the League by no later than 30 September. For a club re-elected the entrance fee shall be waived. Should a club accept promotion to the PSW [see Rule L4(i)] and no club is relegated from the PSW to the HCL, only one team shall be relegated at that time from the First XI’s Premier & First Divisions. In the case of a club promoted to the PSW and its Second XI team obtains promotion in itslast season before leaving, then only one team shall be relegated from the Second XI Division above. All other divisional movementsshall be subject to Rule L6(e) and, dependent on the divisional status of the club’s Second XI team in the year of leaving, then similar movements shall apply as above.
  6. The Executive reserves the right to amend the structure of the HCL as it deems fit to accommodate any other situation that arises.
  7. In the event of two or more teams having the same number of points at the close of the season, where championship, promotion, relegation or re-election issues are involved, the final position ofsuch teamsshall be determined on the basis of the team having most maximum point wins. Should there still be equality then wins in descending order of points awarded shall be the determining factor. If equality still remains then the final positions shall be determined on the basis of the team having the best average of runs, for and against per wicket, for all matches in the League during the season.
  8. At the April Council Meeting player performance qualifications, for League matches only, shall be established for the season. At its close, clubs shall submit to the Secretary full details of their batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping qualifiers for its First & Second XI’s. Only returns made on the provided official form and signed by two members, one of whom must be an official of the club, shall be accepted. Should these not be received within 14 days of the close of the season the club shall be fined £10.00. Where returns are not received within a further seven days then the club shall be fined an additional £10.00 and its returns disqualified. Clubs sending inaccurate or incomplete returns shall also be fined £10.00. Should a player transfer from one club to another in the same Division, during the course of a season, then his/her second club shall be responsible for collecting all the player’s records for the first part of his/her season. The two records shall be amalgamated to produce one combined list of details and averages for the season, to submit as above, clearly stating that this process has been undertaken.
  9. On the request of the Executive, clubsshall make scorebooks available to check the averages of players who qualify for individual awards. When all checks have been completed prizes shall be awarded to the leading players with details published on the League website and made available to the media.
  1. In the event of a First XI having a vacant date on a scheduled match day no player who has played six or more League matches for a First XI in the current season may play for its Second XI on that day.
  2. The following shall apply for the supply of teas: i) The home club shall provide a tea free of charge for the umpires and scorers. ii) Prior to the scheduled start of the match, to avoid any loss or food waste to the home club, the visiting team shall indicate the exact number of teasit requires, which shall be a minimum of seven excluding the scorer [see above]. iii) In the event of a match not starting, or there is a very early finish, the visiting players shall offer to purchase the teas ordered and provided. iv) Visiting teams that have players with special dietary requirements, or do not require the minimum number of teas shown above during a period of fasting, shall inform the home club of those needs by 2.00 pm on the Wednesday preceding the match. In the latter case a failure to do so shall result in the cost of the minimum amount of teas being charged to the visiting club.
  3. No match shall be postponed due to a clash with any other sporting fixture. No match shall be cancelled without the sanction of the Executive except as detailed below:
    1. Should there be persistent inclement weather on the day of a match it may be cancelled by the home club, but by no earlier than three hours before the start time, in order to prevent the visiting team and umpires making unnecessary journeys. This is on condition that an official or captain of the home club contacts an official or captain of the away club and they mutually agree to the cancellation.
    2. If such an agreement is made then within one hour an email must be sent, by both home and away clubs, to the Fixture Secretary stating which persons made the agreement, together with their list of eleven players selected to play for itsteam. Additionally the home club must also contact the umpires to notify them of the cancellation and should an umpire cannot be contacted it must ensure that a responsible person remains at the ground to meet with the umpire and pay any appropriate expenses.
    3. The away team has the right not to agree to the cancellation until it has inspected the ground. If it does not agree to the cancellation and the umpires, on their inspection, subsequently rule it unfit for play and abandon the match, without a ball being bowled, then the away team shall be liable for the full amount of the umpire’s expenses.
    4. If any club fails to comply with the notification procedure outlined above then it shall be fined £10.00. Any additional breech(es) during the season shall result in the doubling of the fine on each occasion.
  4. In the lastsix matches of the season, unless approved by any five members of the Executive, who shall have no vested interest in any decision to be taken, no player shall play for a Second XI if he/she has accumulated with a First XI the appearance percentages, or over, shown below:
    1. Six to four matches remaining – 75% or over of First XI matches
    2. Three matchesto one match remaining – 80% or over ofFirst XI matches
    Any club seeking approval of the Executive must submit a request by email, with its reasons, to the Registration Secretary by 18:00 on the Wednesday prior to the date of a match, together with his/her playing record. A decision shall be given to the club within 48 hours.
  5. Club badges and a logo for a manufacturer, or sponsor, may be used on shirts and sweaters but should not exceed four inches(10.16cm)square. The logo of a sponsor may be used centrally provided it does not exceed eight inches(20.32cm) in width and four inches (10.16cm) in length.
  1. All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Cricket except as stated in these Rules. The League does not allow underarm bowling through pre-match agreements by captains (Law 21.1.2). The League operates a two warning procedure on high, unfair deliveries. The umpire'sinstruction to the captain to suspend a bowler for such an offence, is to give one initial warning and, if required a second and final warning, at which point the suspension procedure shall be activated. (Laws 41.7.1 & 41.7.2).
  2. All matches shall start at 1:30pm unless inclement weather intervenes and no match shall commence after 4:15pm, noting that the toss must have taken place at least 15 minutes earlier.
  3. Each First and Second XI shall provide its own ball, which must be new and of standard League issue. All reserve balls must also be of standard League issue. All balls shall be submitted to the opposing captain and the umpiresfor their approval prior to the commencement of the match.
  4. Both clubsshall provide a competentscorer for the duration of the match. If no scorer is available for a team then one of its players, who shall be a competent scorer, must be appointed. If no such player is available then that team shall be deemed to have failed to fulfil the fixture and be fined as per Rule L8(m).
  5. In every match before the toss is undertaken the umpires shall be provided with an ECBTS showing the names of all players. The ages of all players under the age of 19 years, on or before midnight on 31 August of the preceding year, must also be shown. Any subsequent change(s) agreed by both captains shall be notified to the umpires as soon as possible Any proposed change(s) not agreed by both captains shall be decided by the umpires. The names of all players must be recorded in the scorebook, irrespective of whether any play is possible. The scorebook entries for both teams must be signed by both umpires at the end of the match with the obtaining of such signatures being the responsibility of each team.
  6. All late starts must be reported immediately to the Fixture Secretary by the umpires and the home club. Any offending club may be fined at the discretion of the Executive.
    1. A match shall consist of 90 six-ball overs with a tea interval of 30 minutes between innings. The number of oversremaining for a team in an inningsshall be exhibited on the scoreboard and shown in descending order.
    2. The team batting first shall occupy no more than 45 overs. The team batting second shall occupy the balance of the 90 overs not used by the team batting first with any odd balls bowled being deemed to be a complete over.
    3. Clubsshall make every effort to ensure that grounds are fit for play by the scheduled start time. Any decision to play, or not, is totally that of the umpires. In the case of matches where only one League umpire is present the decision lies solely with him/her {see Rule L11(c)}. Any attempt to influence such a decision by club officials, groundsmen or players will be treated as an offence under Rule L13(a). Bad light, lightning or slippery and wet conditions are the main reasons umpiresshall judge that play cannot commence, restart or continue. Play shall not proceed under any circumstances if the umpires consider any of the above to apply. Where a decision isrequired outside the boundaries of the above criteria,for a suspension or resumption of play due to rain, the following shall apply:
    Suspension of play:
    1. If a passing shower is of short duration, unless the strength of wind and level of light add to the deterioration of the conditions, play shall NOT be suspended immediately.
    2. If, after a short time period or a number of overs, it appears that there is no reasonable expectation of the light rain ceasing then play shall be suspended.
    3. Play, at any time, shall be suspended immediately if the umpires consider the conditions to have become dangerous.
    Resumption of play:
    1. Play shall not resume if the umpires consider that conditions are dangerous.
    2. Play shall resume, provided that both umpires (see above) are agreed that conditions have mproved sufficiently, even though rain may still be in the air.
    At all times the umpires shall inform both team captains of their intentions with regard to the continuance, suspension or resumption of play. In the case of the batting team either of the players currently batting shall be deemed to be the captain.
  7. Players of the fielding team and the two batsmen shall follow the umpires onto the field of play at the commencement of the match and at each subsequent period of play.
  8. No player, except as a substitute fielder, shall be allowed to take part in a match if they arrive more than one hour (60 minutes) after the scheduled start. No player shall be allowed to bowl in any match unless they are wearing predominantly white clothing.
  9. The batting side shall be responsible for organising a search for any ball lost during play, subject to local ground notices and Health & Safety regulations.
  10. An incoming batsman must meet the outgoing batsman on the field of play.
    1. Should there be any interference through inclement weather, with the innings of either team, a cumulative total of 15 minutes per innings may be lost before any reduction in overs or score is enforced. Following this initial period of 15 minutes playing time, should there be any such interference with the innings of the team batting first, then two overs shall be deducted from the match for each further six minutes period of delay. The maximum number of total oversto be deducted shall be 40. The team batting first shall occupy no more than half of the total overs agreed for the match. The team batting second may occupy the balance of the overs not occupied by the team batting first with any odd balls bowled being deemed to be a completed over.
    2. Where inclement weather intervenes, at the discretion of the umpires, the interval referred to in Rule L8(g)(i) may be taken early during which time any deduction of overs will be suspended.
    3. Should inclement weather interfere with the innings of the team batting second no reduction of oversshall take place in the first 15 minutes of stoppage. Following this period one over shall be deducted from the innings for every completed three minutes period of delay. The maximum number of overs that can be deducted from the inningsshall be 20, including any of those lost at the start of the match.
    4. If the team batting second has its allocation of overs reduced due to inclement weather the score of the first batting team shall be recalculated. This shall be determined by multiplying the total number of overs lost to the team batting second by the average runs per over required by the team batting second at the closure of the first innings.
    5. Examples of how this calculation works are as follows noting that the deduction of runs may only take place when play has restarted: eg
      1. If the closure of the first innings is at the end of 45 overs, the average runs per over required bythe team batting second is the final total score of the team batting first, divided by 45. eg
      2. If the team batting first are all out after (say) 37 overs, there shall be 53 overs available to the team batting second (45 overs normal allocation plus eight unoccupied by the team batting first). The average runs per over required by the team batting second shall be the final total score of the team batting first, divided by 53.
      3. ]
  11. Any club fielding a team comprising less than ten players at the end of any first innings shall be fined £10.00 for the first and any second occurrence. Any such contravention must be reported by the umpires to the Fixture Secretary within 48 hours. Should any team transgress this Rule on a third occasion in the same season it shall be deducted 5 points from both the club’s First and Second XI’s records. Transgressing on any fourth or fifth occasion shall result in 10 & 15 points deductions respectively. Should a club be deducted any further points it may be required to apply for re-election to the League at the end of the season. If the re- election clause is applied and the club isre-elected itsteams shall return to the division they were previously competing in, subject to any promotion/relegation movements.
  12. Any club failing to fulfil a fixture or having less than seven players present at the scheduled start time [as per Rule L8(b)] shall forfeit the match, unless unavoidable delays prevail, details of which must be conveyed to the opposing team and umpires before the scheduled start time. The umpires shall record the details on the MRF. Contravention of this Rule shall result in a fine of £50.00. Any additional costs and the allocation of match points shall be determined by the Board after consideration of all the facts and reference to Rule L5(n). The fine and any costs shall be paidto the Treasurer within seven days of the Executive decision.
  13. Covers shall be used when necessary at the instruction ofthe umpires. The home club is responsible for the placement of covers which must be completed within five minutes of the above decision of the umpires.
  14. Performance collections may be taken for any of the following:
    1. batsman scoring 50 runs,
    2. bowler taking five wickets or iii) bowler achieving the hat-trick.
  1. Reporting the result of each match, either First or Second XI, is the responsibility of the home club.
  2. The result for a club’s First or Second XI team, as appropriate, must be entered on the League website by 10.00pm on the day of the match in the format: runs/ wickets/ overs/ points. In addition, by the same deadline, a fully completed Match Report Form (MRF) must be sent by email to the Fixture Secretary. Any club not complying with this Rule shall be fined £5.00 per day for each entry that remains outstanding. If a missing MRF is not forwarded within seven days of receiving a reminder then such a fine shall be increased to £10.00 per day.
  3. A full Match Scoresheet must be entered on the League website by the following deadlines: First XI’s - by 10.00am on the day following the match, Second XI’s- by 10.00am on the second day following the match. Any club not complying with this Rule shall incur the following fines: first offence £5.00, second £10.00, third and fourth offences £20.00, thereafter £25.00 per offence. After any fifth offence the club shall be requested to appear before the Board.
  4. All fines listed above must be paid to the Treasurer prior to the commencement of the following Council meeting with any fine not paid by that date being doubled.
  1. The following list of persons shall obtain enhanced DBS Clearance from the ECB under its Safe Hands – Welfare of Young People in Cricket policy (currently free for un-paid persons or £44.00 for paid persons) before commencing duties in the HCL:
    1. all umpires, including club umpires
    2. scorers over the age of 16 years
    3. open age team captains
    4. welfare officers
    5. coaches
    6. team managers including representative match personnel
    7. junior team co-ordinators
    8. all other volunteers having accessto children within a club
  2. A foreign national, coaching young players in the HCL, shall have the equivalent of a DBS check from the police authority in his/her own country.
  3. DBS checks must be renewed every three years.
  1. All clubs shall provide a club umpire contact telephone number to enable the HXACO Secretary to deal with any shortage of appointments affecting fixtures on any match day.
  2. Umpires, whilst officiating at matches, shall wear white footwear, black or navy trousers, white shirt, a tie and a white coat, the latter two being optional in above average temperatures.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the home club for all Second XI matches to provide one competent umpire. If an umpire is not provided one of the players, who shall be a competent umpire, must be appointed for the whole match. If no such person is available the home team shall be deemed to have failed to fulfil the fixture and be fined accordingly as per Rule L8(n). For all matches the consolidated expenses for an umpire, including any travel costs,shall be £32.00. This amountshall be handed in a sealed envelope to each umpire by the home club during the tea interval. Double the consolidated expenses shall be paid to an umpire if only one is present and he/she stands at both bowler’s ends. If no play takes place at a match, due to inclement weather, the expenses shall be £10.00. Should an umpire have been informed of a cancellation under Rule L7(c)i) then no expenses are payable.
  1. Other than a disciplinary matter,shown and to be dealt with under Rule L13, any complaint or protest concerning a club, from any other club, an official of the League or an umpire, shall be dealt with by either a Special Executive Meeting (SEM) or a Complaints Panel (Panel).
  2. Any complaint or protest must reach the Secretary by no later than ten daysfollowing the incident or match and, in the case of one from a club, shall include a deposit of £20.00 which shall be forfeited if the complaint or protest is deemed frivolous. For any complaint or protest deemed worthy it shall be considered within ten days of its receipt.
  3. The Board shall decide which category any complaint or protest falls. Should it be of a very serious nature then a SEM shall be convened, noting that five members shall be randomly excluded asthey may be required to act under Rule L12 (e). In cases referred to the Panel it shall be made up of any five members of the Executive.
  4. Should a complaint or protest be upheld against a club, either by the SEM or the Panel, it hasthe right of appeal which must be lodged with the Secretary by no later than ten days following receipt of the notification of the original decision.
  5. Any appealshall be dealt with by an Appeals Committee (AC) and it shall be made up of five members of the Executive, different to those referred to in Rule L12 (c), and sit within ten days of receipt of the appeal. The decision of the AC shall be final and binding.
  6. An Executive member with a vested interest in any such case shall be ineligible to sit on any of the above bodies.
  1. Any disciplinary action shall be conducted in accordance with current YCB Disciplinary Procedures (please refer to the updated YCB disciplinary document on the League website).
  2. Any club causing information to be passed to any media organization or outlet regarding any matter under consideration by the League, without due reference to the PR & Media Officer, shall be subject at the discretion of the Executive to a minimum fine of £50.00.
  1. Alterationsto these Rulesshall only be made at the AGM, or at a SGM called for this specific purpose, except in the case of Rule L3(i) which shall be determined by any equivalent meeting of the CCDG.
  2. The following timetable applies to both the Executive and any club proposing an amendment or alteration to these Rules and lists the total process. In respect of the counting and reporting of votes for this Rule an Independent Voting Examiner (IVE) shall be appointed by the Executive and approved by Council.
    1. 31 August: deadline for clubs to give notice in writing, or by email, to the Assistant Secretary (AS).
    2. First full week in September: proposals discussed at a Rules Sub-Committee meeting and the final list drawn up.
    3. Second full week in September: all provisional proposals sent by email by the AS to all clubs for internal discussion.
    4. First Tuesday in October: all proposals discussed at the Council Meeting and any queries resolved. At this meeting any proposal must obtain a seconder for it to proceed to a vote.
    5. First Thursday in October: following iv)above, the full completed proposals together with voting papers shall be emailed to all clubs by the AS showing the actual deadline for sbmission of votes (see vi below).
    6. Second Tuesday in November: deadline for clubs to return, by email, their completed voting papers to the AS.
    7. Second Friday in November: the AS shall forward the collated voting results, with all relevant material, to the IVE.
    8. Third Monday in November: the IVE shall confirm the accuracy of the voting results to the AS.
    9. Third Tuesday in November: the results of each proposal shall be announced with voting numbers, by the AS at the AGM.
  1. All League trophies shall be presented to the champions of each Division together with such other prizes as the Executive shall decide to award.
  2. The Lindley Moor Trophy & Clay Trophy shall be awarded to the First XI & Second XI teams respectively, in any of the Premier, First or Second Divisions, obtaining the highest number of pointsfrom their team’slastsix matchesincluding matches abandoned owing to inclement weather. The champions of each Division shall not be eligible for these trophies.
  3. All trophies, including those for individuals, are in the custody of winning clubs who shall be held responsible for their safety and be required to sign a receipt to this effect. All trophies shall be returned in good, clean condition to Briggs Priestley Ltd ( by the dates shown in the Trophy Appendix at the end of these Rules. Failure to comply with this Rule by an offending club shall result in a fine of £5.00 for the first week and £1.00 per day thereafter.
  4. Briggs Priestley Ltd will arrange for the engraving of all trophies. Should any repairs be necessary the cost shall be invoiced to the club (refer also to Rules K10 & T8).